BritBox is an upcoming Netflix competitor that will showcase the best of British television from the BBC and ITV.

The service is planned to launch toward the end of 2019 in the UK, and has been described by ITV’s chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall as the home for “British creativity”.

When will BritBox launch?

BritBox doesn't have a specific launch date yet, but is due this autumn - "between October and the end of December" according to the BBC.

How much will it cost?

Pricing is part of the appeal for BritBox - it'll cost just £5.99 per month - the same as the cheapest Netflix plan, and less than its more premium tiers. Though since that price will include "multiple screens and devices" the fairer comparison point might be the £11.99 top tier for Netflix. 

Which TV series will be on BritBox?

BritBox won't have any exclusive shows, but will instead draw on the content libraries of both the BBC and ITV. That means both old and new content, but there will be a bit of a delay for new shows, which will first appear on terrestrial TV, then make their way to iPlayer and ITV Hub, and then finally go behind the BritBox paywall. That means a 30-day wait for ITV content and up to a year for BBC shows - and not everything will make it across, as BritBox will have to negotiate separate distribution deals with independent production companies.

There are hopes that other broadcasters could join in, with talks taking place with both Channel 4 and Channel 5, but nothing confirmed as of yet.

BritBox is already available in the US and its success across the pond is part of what influenced its arrival in the UK. Taking a look at the shows available on the US version we can safely assume the likes of Inspector Morse, Life on Mars and Scott and Bailey will be among the first series to make an appearance.

Will BritBox replace iPlayer and ITV Hub?

BritBox is not designed to replace iPlayer and ITV Hub. Both these services will continue to provide access to live TV and on-demand content for a limited period of time after it has been aired live.

BritBox is instead expected to host shows from the BBC and ITV archives in more of a boxset format. TV shows will appear live on air and then head to on-demand on the iPlayer or ITV Hub, before being archived on BritBox to be enjoyed at any time.

Dame Carolyn told The Today Programme that it would be “one permanent, comprehensive home where anyone in Britain can get all of our library content - both the ITV and BBC library - in one place and they can watch it anytime, anywhere”.

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