Amazon Prime Video is the retail giant's rival to Netflix, a streaming service that gives you immediate access to an array of films and TV shows to stream or download and watch offline, including some original content that you can't watch anywhere else. There are thousands of things to watch, which is brilliant right up until the moment you sit down and actually have to try and pick something. 

So, to save you from indecision, we've rounded up 20 of the best films Amazon has to offer. Every single one of these is currently included for free as part of the Prime subscription service, but if you're not a subscriber then you can always rent or buy a digital copy directly from Amazon too.

If you're looking for more inspiration you might also want to consider subscribing to one of the Amazon Prime Channels: these are add-on subscriptions for your Prime account that give you access to films from rival apps like Mubi or BFI Player, along with other films selected from distributors like Arrow Entertainment or MGM, which you can then watch from within the Amazon Prime interface and apps.

Got a favourite we didn't include? Let us know in the comments, and we'll be updating this piece regularly as the Amazon Prime film library changes.

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What We Do in the Shadows

Watch What We Do in the Shadows on Amazon Prime

This incredible comedy from director Taika Waititi (who's since gone on to direct a little movie called Thor: Ragnarok) takes the mockumentary style of The Office or Spinal Tap and applies it to a small group of New Zealand housemates who just so happen to be vampires. Irreverent, off-kilter, and very, very clever, What We Do in the Shadows is occasionally uneven, but never dull.

The Children Act

Watch The Children Act on Amazon Prime

Starring Emma Thompson as the high court judge Fiona Maye, The Children Act follows a court case in which Maye has to make a decision on whether or not to give a life-saving blood transfusion to a minor against his parents wishes due to their religion. This film is an intense watch, showing how the stress of a job results in a huge strain on personal life. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Watch Fantastic Mr. Fox on Amazon Prime

This stop-motion animation is Wes Anderson's take on a family film: anarchic, oddball, but consistently charming. George Clooney is the smooth-talking Mr. Fox, joined by a cast of Anderson regulars in a film that loosely adapts the classic Roald Dahl book. This is no Disney cartoon, but it's a beautiful film no matter your age.

The Holiday

Watch The Holiday on Amazon Prime

This may be a festive romcom, but it's still a feel-good film any time of the year. Two women on either sides of the world swap houses, and both end up in complicated (but fleeting) romances. It's all a little bit ridiculous, but if there's any flick that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, it'll be this one. 


Watch Suspiria on Amazon Prime

After the runaway success of Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino could have made almost any film he wanted - so he did an about turn from that sweet, hesitant romance and straight into abject horror. His remake of '70s giallo classic Suspiria is nothing like the original - so adjust your expectations - but is a moody, meditative horror that uses a hypnotic Thom Yorke soundtrack to lull you into an almost trance-like state - before jolting you out with some striking moments of violence.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Amazon Prime

Although the premise sounds a little crazy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is actually pretty heartbreaking. Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, we follow the story of a man who is born as an 80 year-old, watching as his life happens in reverse. Benjamin falls in love, but struggles to maintain a relationship with his unique circumstances. 

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on Amazon Prime

John le Carré's most famous spy novel is brought to the big screen in impeccable form in this adaptation, which condenses the labyrinthine plot without losing any of its vital intricacy. It helps that the cast is phenomenal, from Gary Oldman as the central spook George Smiley through to the likes of John Hurt, Mark Strong, Toby Jones, Colin Firth, and more.


Watch Booksmart on Amazon Prime

One of the breakout films of 2019, Booksmart is a coming-of-age film following two over-achieving girls who realise on the last day of high school that they may have missed out on some fundamental teenaged experiences. Booksmart turns the American student stereotypes on their heads, and it's pretty funny to boot. 


Watch Room on Amazon Prime

A film about a abducted teenage girl living her life out in a garden shed was never likely to be a cheery affair, so the fact that Room is ultimately uplifting is a testament to the film. Brie Larson is the girl who's lived the last few years in captivity, raising her son to believe that 'Room' is the entire world. Larson's great, Jacob Tremblay is phenomenal as the kid, and the result is one of the most powerful films in years.

Attack the Block

Watch Attack the Block on Amazon Prime

Who do you want watching your back in an alien invasion? The police? The military? How about the resident teenagers of a London housing estate? Joe Cornish's brilliant sci-fi/horror/comedy thing pits south London's finest up against glow-in-the-dark alien nasties in a battle for the block. There's a great sense of humour - though it never looks down on the locals - and some of the coolest looking extraterrestrials in years.


Watch Heathers on Amazon Prime

Cross Mean Girls with sociopathic murderers, and you get Heathers. Starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, the film follows a teenaged typical good girl struggle to get out of a cliquey toxic group, only to get in over her head when the boy she meets is willing to help using unorthodox techniques. Black comedy at it's finest. 

The Hunger Games

Watch The Hunger Games on Amazon Prime

Based on the Suzanne Collins YA trilogy, The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future in which the country is split into the wealthy capital and 12 other districts, and every year a televised battle royale death match is hosted. The three other follow-up films - Catching Fire and Mockingjay parts 1 and 2 - are also all available on Prime to enjoy. 

Free Fire

Watch Free Fire on Amazon Prime

Director Ben Wheatley is best known for dark, twisted thrillers, but here turns his hand to another genre entirely: the '70s action blowout. A gun deal gone wrong leaves two groups of crooks trapped in a warehouse together with bullets flying every which way. Funny, anarchic, and constantly creative, this is probably the director's best film yet.


Watch Vice on Amazon Prime

Christian Bale transforms once again - and this time he's practically unrecognisable as former Vice-President to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney. This surreal and unflinchingly honest biopic shows how the man rose to power through The White House, and ultimately played a huge part in some of the biggest political scandals of the noughties. 

The Big Sick

Watch The Big Sick on Amazon Prime

Kumail Nanjiani stars in this rom-com adapted from his own life, which sees a relationship in its early stages shaken by serious illness. You just have to look at Nanjiani's real-life marriage to know the film has a happy ending, but along the way it's a smart comedy that's refreshingly honest and free from the standard Hollywood cliches.

Logan Lucky

Watch Logan Lucky on Amazon Prime

There are lots of things to love about Steven Soderbergh's madcap crime caper Logan Lucky, but the most memorable must be Daniel Craig's manic, peroxide convict. He's the aggressively beating heart of this story about a rally race heist, but with Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Riley Keough rounding out the cast, there's an awful lot else to keep you here.

Paddington 2

Watch Paddington 2 on Amazon Prime

The first Paddington movie was a loving, lovely tribute to the little bear from deepest, darkest Peru, pairing startlingly lifelike animation with a surprising amount of heart. The sequel is all that and more, this time sending Paddington to cinema's loveliest prison and pitting him against Hugh Grant's devilishly charming baddie.


Watch IT on Amazon Prime

If you're not deathly afraid of clowns (or can settle for hiding behind a couch cushion like us), then IT is an extremely complex horror that explores the coming-of-age of a group of kids, also known as the Losers Club. Though IT is known primarily as the creepy jester Pennywise, the monster also takes numerous other forms - some being the most bizarre we've seen in a scary movie. 

The Imitation Game

Watch The Imitation Game on Amazon Prime

The Imitation Game is a dramatic retelling of Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine, but there are multiple layers to it. On the one hand, you get to see the tense race at Bletchley Park as the team attempt to crack the code to gain the upper hand against the Germans in WW2. On the other hand, we see Turing's personal struggle with his identity as a gay man in a time of intolerance. It's a brilliant and nuanced historical watch.