Alita: Battle Angel, Robert Rodiguez's cyberpunk CG visual feast adapts Yukito Kishiro's manga series from the 1990s. With the amount of work involved in the graphics, it's no surprise the end credits stretch the run time to just over two hours. Read our full review here.

We sat through the entire credits to see if a post-credit scene would tease a sequel (considering the original series, known as Gunnm in Japan, spans nine volumes). Or perhaps there would be a glimpse into an Avatar sequel, seeing as James Cameron produced and wrote Alita? Here's what we found.

Is there a post-credit scene in Alita: Battle Angel?

No, there isn't. But you're welcome to sit through and admire the amount of effort that went into the film. In fact, you will see a note stating 15,000 people were involved in the film's creation and authorized distribution – but nothing else is revealed beyond that.