With a huge array of TVs on the market from all kinds of manufacturers and at a broad range prices, it can be hard to decide which is the right one. A television, unlike a phone, is a long-term investment so it pays to get it right first time.

Budget TVs might seem tempting but you're only going to be disappointed in the experience they can offer. Just like choosing the right car, you'll thank yourself later for choosing a well-known, trusted and award-winning brand who can bring the latest TV shows and films to your living room how they were intended.

Sony's XG95 is the perfect choice for any modern living room thanks to its carefully considered expert design and wide-range of high-end features and specs.

Full Array 4K LED with local dimming

A budget TV might be able to offer you a 4K Ultra HD resolution but with basic technology behind it. They say you get what you pay for and here you're investing in Sony's Full Array LED design.

A cheaper television will be lit from the side, often called edge lighting, but the XG95's LEDs are positioned directly behind the screen. This provides a significantly more even distribution of the light for a much better picture quality.

There's also local dimming technology which means the TV there are many zones across the screen than can be made darker or brighter rather than simply the screen as a whole.

When dark parts of a scene become blacker, contrast is improved so you get more detail and the brighter parts of the image pop with more vibrancy bringing the picture to life. Sony manages to do this without side effects such as blooming (a halo effect) so you won't even notice it happening.

All of this comes in an incredible thin frame which is simply not possible with a cheaper set.

This comes alongside a long list of the latest TV tech including HDR, Dolby Vision and Sony's own X-Reality PRO and X-Motion Clarity. The XG95 comes in a range of sizes so you can make sure it fits your living room perfectly.

X1 Ultimate

All of the above wouldn't be possible without some decent power to drive it. Fortunately, Sony's Picture Processor X1 Ultimate is able to comfortably handle the complex signal processing workload to create a mind-blowing experience.

This is Sony's most powerful processor and has the capability to enhance any image that's put on the screen.

The X1 Ultimate can identify objects to preserve detail and they can be individually remastered in HDR for increased depth, texture and realism.

It has more tricks up its sleeve with Super Bit Mapping HDR creating a smooth transition between colours and lighting to avoiding 'banding' then Dual Database Processing removes noise to avoid a grainy picture and upscales for clarity.

Acoustic Multi-Audio

A great picture is all very well but it's left feeling distinctly flat without a decent audio experience to go with it. You don't go to the cinema and expect a pair of small speakers at the front.

Luckily you won't be browsing the web for soundbars with the XG95 thanks to its Acoustic Multi-Audio system.

Sony has really thought about how sound and vision go together and a cleverly positioned pair of tweeters on the back of the TV simulate sound from the centre of the screen. They're side-facing to provide a wider and more immersive soundscape.

There are also two full range Bass Reflex drivers to provide a well-rounded profile along with the tweeters.

Furthermore, you'll be treated to both Dolby Audio, DTS and S-Force Front Surround creates a surround sound effect wrapping you in sound without the need for rear speakers.

Android TV

The XG95 runs on Android TV giving you one of the smartest platforms available for your living room. A cheap TV will have basic functions that take forever to load, but Sony offers the opposite thanks to the X1 processor.

Like Android smartphones, a huge benefit is that the software is regularly updated to bring the latest features and apps to your fingertips.

Here you'll get the latest 8.0 Oreo version of Android TV with its improved interface so you can quickly access your favourite apps and also get content suggestions from the likes of Netflix without even having to open it up.

Android TV is customisable and you'll love using it with Sony's new and stylish smart remote. Still, you don't even need the controller to use the Google Assistant which can do all sorts just with the power of your voice – even control other smart devices around your home like the lights.


Looking to upgrade your living room? Look no further than the Sony XG95 with its stylish slim design and overwhelming number of features – and we haven't even mentioned X-Wide Angle and X-Motion Clarity.

Find out more about the Sony XG95 here.