Hong Kong's Wharf T&T has teamed up with VMware, Cisco and EMC to launch FibreCloud, a new cloud-as-a-service suite for enterprise customers.

Wharf T&T will use its 'Fibre-to-the-Desk' network infrastructure to deliver services based on cloud, virtualization and storage technologies from the global technology giants.

FibreCloud is a carrier-grade cloud service tailored for enterprises and SMEs. It comes with a pre-built service platform incorporated with cloud management tools and value-added services.

The FibreCloud service uses a pay-as-you-go subscription model, and does not require any hardware or software beyond a high-speed internet connection.

FibreCloud's core infrastructure is located at ISO certified tier 3+ data center linked to Wharf T&T's fiber network

The service uses multi-dimension security measures, and Wharf T&T will provide 24x7 technical support, as well as consultancy, migration and managed services.

"Wharf T&T is committed to delivering the best-of-breed cloud solutions," president Vincent Ma said. "FibreCloud's core cloud engine... is powered by global leading technology companies renowned for high performance and premium backend infrastructure."