Synnex has announced the addition of a next generation of models for its X500 notebook and X500 mobile server.

The product offering is a result of the firm's exclusive partnership with hardware vendor Getac.

The notebook includes new upgrades and features the latest generation of Intel's Core processor (i5-4300M or i7-4600M) in addition to more memory (expandable up to 16GB). Synnex said it also utilises 802.11ac WLAN technology and advanced graphics (GeForce 745M 2GB). Synnex said it is the industry's first rugged computer to be completely equipped to military standards.

The firm said the mobile server also has an upgraded processor (i7-4800MQ), along with memory (32GB) and graphics (GeForceGT745M 2GB). It also has 802.11ac WLAN and support for RAID level 0, 1 and 5. Expansion slots can accommodate up to five shock-resistant hard drives, providing space for a 5TB RAID array.

Synnex Australia senior product manager, Andrew Yu, said growing numbers of government organisations and private enterprise have a need to construct outdoor ad-hoc command centres during emergencies.

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Given the specifications, the products will doubtless be targeted to government and enterprise. Synnex said the products are able to better complement the need of such organisations engaging in emergency deployments.

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