Sophos has launched Cloud Server Protection, a malware protection solution designed specifically for servers.

The solution expands Sophos Cloud to a comprehensive security platform designed to protect desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and now servers.

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The new solution delivers malware protection, host intrusion prevention and Web security, as well as clear visibility into the current security status of all managed servers via a simple Web-based interface.

IT can also continually monitor the server environment, detect new applications on an ongoing basis and intelligently adjust policies to maintain operational efficiency.

"If compromising desktops is like stealing a wallet, then hacking a server is like robbing a bank," said Sophos senior vice-president for Cloud, Bill Lucchini.

"Today's businesses need the most up-to-date protection, and Sophos Cloud Server Protection gives overtaxed IT personnel an innovative, high performance and simple to manage solution for securing server environments."

The Rivett Group IT director, Scott Hartung, said he was able to preview the solution as part of the beta program.

"We currently use Sophos Cloud to protect our Windows, Mac, and mobile devices," he said.

"I like the fact that Sophos truly understands server security, and I can see that this new version of Sophos Cloud will help me reduce the time spent on maintaining server security."