Australian Microsoft technical and desktop training provider, Saxons Learning Solutions, has unveiled a new Cloud based training solution, Saxons Cloud Labs.

Saxons Learning Solutions general manager, Amy Kennedy, said the local hosted training solution enables people to continue their work commitments while still training.

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"Many technical courses we run are five day courses and require high specification hardware. With the new Saxons Cloud Labs solution, businesses can move away from standard training models and customise the training by breaking it up and spreading it over a few weeks," she said.

According to Kennedy, the company created the solution as a result of the inability for businesses to send their staff away from the office for an extended period of time as well as an increased demand for technology training delivered in urban and rural localities.

"The biggest challenge our clients face today is finding time away from the office to complete courses. Our clients are demanding more flexibility with their training but also need high specification hardware to access the training environments."

The solution enables users to access to their training environments anywhere, anytime and from any machine.

"You will be able to attract people in Coffs Harbour or Darwin, who can't come down to our offices in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for a course," she mentioned.

Face to face training time is either done in person with a trainer or by Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and the platform can be accessed via a log on link from the Saxons Learning Solutions website or a log in through the virtual system manager.

Kennedy claimed seven companies, including Express Data, ANZ Australia, SoftwareONE and CommVault, have already run through and received certifications from the course.

"From what I've seen in the market, companies are willing to invest the money in training their staff provided that it's not impacting their day-to-day jobs and responsibilities," Kennedy added.