PivotEast 2012 started off on its second and last day with pitches on applications in mobile society, and later on some from the entertainment industry which solve global problem "boredom".

Mprep an app for the mobile society is an SMS-based study solution for students, teachers, and schools. It helps kids study via an SMS based platform and the company targets to impact two million students, currently they have partnered with 15 schools, and the platform offers 4 thousand questions and 16 thousands explanations to the same.

Others apps under this category included eLimu, which allows collaboration between Schools, teachers and students. eLimu won InMobi ad prize in 2011. StorySpaces harnesses startup stories and explores teamwork based ideas then brings them to life. Although StorySpaces was disqualified from the competition because of conflict of interest with the iHub.

mPoultry app is tied to sensors which collects temperature, light and humidity information from poultry brooding houses then sends this information via text message to the farmer's cellphones. Sarura, the last app was pitched by Rwandan developers gives weather updates and agricultural advice to farmers.

As the world gets filled up with serious stuff every day, developers at the PivotEast competition thought otherwise, the better part of the entertainment category was about game based applications, applying game design, mechanics and thinking to non game applications so users find them more interesting and engaging.

On this category, Squad Digital ltd, showed up with TUBET, an app that enables users especially football fans to place and collect bets, although the judges questioned this start up on legal matters and the age group. Squad Digital will charge Ksh.10 for all placed bets and will take 6.5% of the winnings.

Mingle, Run for Afrika, Tough jungle and Ma3racer also battled in the entertainment category as presenters tried to convince judges on how they can apply gamification in design thinking of non-game applications. These gamified applications encourage user engagement and brainstorming of innovative ideas.