NZTech CEO Candace Kinser is moving on after three years "to pursue other governance and leadership opportunities".

"We have come together to raise the profile of the technology industry and what it can do to elevate the prosperity of New Zealand in the future," she says on the key achievement of the organisation over the past three years.

She say this was achieved through three things:

The first is increasing focus and investments on the skills and talent aspects of the industry.

Second is focusing on the requirements and encouraging support of the high growth companies as they look to grow their business and expand overseas.

Third, she says, is bringing awareness across all levels of government on how important the technology industry is to the country. This included creating strategic alliances with key government agencies and improve relationships across the ministerial level.

"The industry is just amazing, it is constantly changing, growing astronomically," she says. "With the local tech industry now third only to dairy and tourism as the largest contributor to the New Zealand economy, there has never been a more exciting time to be advocating for greater investment, support and innovation in the Kiwi tech sector."

NZTech was formed six years ago and now has over 100 member organisations ranging from government agencies, to universities, major corporates and start-ups.

"The next phase of growth for NZTech will focus on even stronger relationships with government to create meaningful policy for the sector, tighter integration with education partners to ensure our next generation of tech superstars come through," she says.

Kinser will leave NZTech end of October, and will help in the search for her replacement. "Simply put," she states, "there's no better job in the New Zealand technology industry to build networks, work with senior government leaders, support growing companies and make a real impact on the sector."

As to qualifications for the new CEO, Bennett Medary, Chair of NZTech and founder and chair of SimplHealth, says, "NZTech has lofty goals, so we need someone with the passion, charisma and commitment to match.

"We especially want to hear from applicants who have a vision for a tech-enhanced NZ and their ideas on the kinds of projects we should be pursuing over the next three years."

NZTech issued video on the role.

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