The NSW Government has unveiled a new scheme for suppliers to provide enterprise resource planning services to government agencies. Finance and services minister, Dominic Perrottet, launched the reform ahead of meeting with the UK Government's chief technology officer, Denise McDonagh CBE at Parliament House. Perrottet said there were a lot of similarities between the work that McDonagh and her colleagues were doing in the UK with what was happening in NSW.

"Governments from both jurisdictions are moving to more 'as a service' and cloud based offerings," he said. "Progressive governments across the globe recognise the need to make it easier and more transparent for private enterprises to do business with government agencies." As part of the changes a new category has been developed in the ICT Services Scheme which will be a one stop shop for enterprise resource planning 'as a service'. Perrottet said the model meant that services would be able to be provided to multiple agencies, reducing the costs of ERP implementations. "Previously suppliers had to register across multiple categories and it was difficult for suppliers to highlight the full range of services they could offer. These changes bring them all together in a single category," he said. The new scheme will, for the first time, make available the Corporate and Shared Services Government Process Standards to suppliers who obtain registration. "This will make the standards more widely available, and will enable suppliers to tailor their solutions to meet Government needs," he said. "It will make the system fairer for both large and small suppliers."

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Previously, these standards were only available to those who had a contract with Government. Perrottet acknowledged the valuable input from the industry. "Over the last 12 months, the NSW Government, through the Office of Finance and Services, has been in continuous engagement with industry to develop the new category and procurement mechanisms," he said.

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