The proliferation of mobility and move towards a "hyperconnected" world has put more demands on the channel space, according to Akamai.

APJ channels and alliances regional vice president, Micheal McClollough, has seen these two trends raise the expectations of local organisations.

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"Customers are pushing partners to have the same reliable, fast connectivity that they are used to with solutions that are on-premise, as they do with my solutions in the Cloud," he said.

In turn, this is promoting a growing number of partners to turn to the vendor to better meet the needs of customers.

"It is up to us to make sure customers have the service level agreements they are used to, as well as make sure the information is delivered in a secure manner," McClollough said.

Reseller dependant

As a result of these trends, McClollough said businesses are increasingly expecting the reseller to act as a trusted advisor.

"Customers are pushing them harder to get more innovative solutions to complement their existing portfolio, as well as leveraging the technology they have," he said.

A benefit of the Cloud is that that is allows businesses to scale up and down their services as they need and grow.

"Through partners, customers can leverage hosting and network management capabilities for the ability to manage their IT as they scale up and expand their business," McClollough said.

In the process, McClollough said they are able to offset some of their capex expenses and move into an opex model.

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