The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is tendering out a three-year data centre services contract worth between £12 million and £24 million.

The contract will cover MoJ locations around the UK, including its headquarters, regional centres, courts, prisons and probation offices.

It will include services from at least two data centres, "sufficiently separate so as to mitigate loss of facilities through an event affecting a wide geographic area", but "close enough to allow synchronous replication of data", said the MoJ.

The MoJ is also demanding data centre scalability to enable it to "increase or decrease the volume of the service during the contract term". In addition, it wants "utility-based charging (paying only for what is used) with separation of space from power charges".

The contract will also include the supplier fitting out the data centres with the right racks and connections and possibly undertaking the work to connect the two data centres with new fibre.

The data centre services contract follows a hosting services contract tender notice published earlier this year.