Outsourcer and consultant Accenture is working with Michelin Group to create a cloud-based mobility systems arm for vehicles.

Michelin is designing, developing and marketing a new generation of mobility-enabled systems targeted at business customers who manage fleets of vans, trucks and earth-moving equipment.

These systems will help manage areas such as fuel efficiency, tyre management and vehicle productivity.

Using the Accenture Cloud Platform for hosting and monitoring, Accenture said it can rapidly provision the infrastructure to automate the processes required to execute client contracts for Michelin.

Accenture's role includes contract creation, collecting and processing the data relating to the usage of a service, pricing, accounting and billing. The Accenture Cloud Platform provides greater flexibility and scalability for future geographic expansion, said Michelin.

With Accenture handling these processes, said Michelin, the tyre firm "can rapidly design and launch agile new solutions". The platform is open to all Michelin service providers.

Accenture is also providing a call centre for handling all contacts related to technology usage, six days a week in 14 languages.

"Based on strong collaboration, Michelin Solutions and Accenture are using a value-based deal built on a pay-per-use model," said Philippe Miret, Michelin Solutions CEO. "This model creates a shared interest in long-term results, giving both organisations the opportunity to benefit directly from success."

The Michelin Solutions offering is currently operational in Europe and will be deployed in all major regions in the coming years, said Michelin.