'Responsible', 'strategic' and 'effective' are the top three words that appear most often in the profiles of professionals in New Zealand, according to LinkedIn.

The words 'creative', 'passionate', 'innovative', 'positive', 'expert', 'driven' and 'dynamic' round up the top 10 in the list, says the social network, as it releases its fourth annual report on most overused words in its member profiles.

Unfortunately, using words such as 'responsible, 'strategic' and 'effective' will not necessarily help you land your dream job and certainly won't help you stand out from the crowd, says Sally-Anne Blanshard, director and coach, Nourish Coaching.

When highlighting professional attributes on your LinkedIn profile or resume, think about what sets you apart, says Blanshard. It could be your experience, professional accomplishments or awards.

She advises using specific, real examples of your work including presentations, photos and videos that demonstrate skills and expertise. "These will hold far more weight with recruiters and potential employers than a list of overused words."

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LinkedIn says the survey covered only English language profiles in 14 countries. Interestingly, some of the clichés appeared more often in certain regions. For instance, 'enthusiastic' is only in the top 10 in Britain, while the word 'patient' takes this distinction in the United States. 'Passionate' is in the top 10 only in Australia and New Zealand.

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