Though 67% of the more than 550 workers in Hong Kong surveyed by LinkedIn are happy with their current jobs, the online professional network said the SAR's job satisfaction is lower than the global average of 72%.

Releasing survey results recently, LinkedIn noted that only two countries--Japan (65%) and Turkey (63%) have job satisfaction lower than Hong Kong.

LinkedIn polled more than 18,000 full-time employed professionals in 26 countries for the study on attitudes towards job-seeking, job satisfaction, and career evaluation.

Other countries within Asia report greater job satisfaction including Singapore (72%), Malaysia (73%), and China (73%).

In addition, 46% described themselves as only 'somewhat satisfied' and more than one out of five (23%) professionals are actively looking for their next role.

'Passive talent' might not be passive at all

Employers shouldn't believe that employees not actively searching for new jobs won't leave the company soon.

Survey results indicate that Hong Kong had an above global average rate (86%) of 'approachable' passive talent--professionals who are not actively looking for a job, but open to considering if approached, said LinkedIn, adding that the global average hits 85%.

Unsurprisingly, people active in job hunting (20%)are more dissatisfied than passive candidates (6%) with their current roles, according to LinkedIn.

Is it a great place to work?

Across all countries surveyed, professionals agree that the most important factor when picking an employer is its talent brand--defined as whether it's seen as a great place to work. This rings true for 45% of Hong Kong professionals.

While Hong Kong workers are perceived as working long hours, they do engage in professional networking activities--with 51% having done so in the past month, while 47% have received a message from a recruiter in the said period, said LinkedIn.