Intel is tackling thin client applications with the new version of its Next Unit Computing (NUC) system.

Launched at the Intel Solutions Summit (ISS) 2014 in Singapore, the Thin Canyon is the first NUC to host an Intel Atom processor (model E3815 to be precise) based on Bay Trail technology. The CPU has a standard clock speed of 1.46GHz.

It differs from the manufacturer's original NUC, unveiled in late 2012, which was powered by a third generation Core i3 CPU, and subsequently followed by a fourth-generation, Haswell-based model earlier this year.

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Thin Canyon, model DE3815TYKH, retains the minute form factor of the NUC concept, utilising a 4x4-inch motherboard which sits within a fan-less chassis. The unit also contains 4GB of intel eMMC memory, and can support 2.5-inch drives.

Connectivity includes an eDP connector, three USB ports (one on the front, two at the back), HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and Ethernet.

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Like the original NUC, Thin Canyon is targeted at kiosks, point of sale (PoS), and digital signage, continuing the niche drive Intel pursued with the first NUC.

Intel also expects the device to be relevant to modern Asia's urabn homes which are often be space-constrained.

Thin Canyon is immediately available to distributors.

More to come.

Nermin Bajric is attending ISS 2014 as a guest of Intel.

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