The office of today is awash with all sorts of electronic gadgetry. We take for granted the fact that we can email documents in an instant, make video phone calls to the other side of the world and use the internet for research, and for Facebook.

Where once, workers listened to the tapping of keys on a typewriter, today many work along to the favourite music playlists on Spotify, while many business people have swapped individual offices cubicles for open plan environments designed to encourage communication and teamwork.

Plus, many employees are just as likely to work on the move using their ultraportable laptop, tablet or smartphone as they are to sit at their desk from 9 to 5, and they may even be given the option to choose their own computer – rather than being allocated a beige box with the same specification as the person who sits next to them.

But how did we arrive at the modern office? We’ve tracked developments in the workplace over the past 150 years to find out how the typewriter became the touchscreen, and we’ve even predicted where things may end up in years to come.

Check out our infographic below.

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