To enhance e-governance, the Department of Information Technology of the Government of Maharashtra (DIT, GoM) in Western India set up a hybrid cloud architecture to help automate government-citizen interactions.

Going by a partnership with BSNL, an India-based telco, and Dimension Data, the State of Maharashtra government will drive create a hybrid cloud architecture under the Cloud Autoscale project.

The Cloud Autoscale project will extend DIT, GoM's existing data centers to a secure, public cloud environment. This will provide a more seamless and efficient cloud-enabled IT infrastructure for its citizen interface program, by automating all government-citizen interactions.

DIT, GoM drives IT infrastructure and e-governance projects including Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under NeGP, Government of India. Its objective is to create a better IT infrastructure and user friendly citizen services using advanced ICT solutions to enhance the quality of life in the state of Maharashtra.

Better resource utilization

The cloud-based solution from BSNL-Dimension Data will enable DIT, GoM to improve automation and reduce operating expenses through better utilization of existing resources and optimize its investments in procuring new infrastructure and also provide flexibility to meet the rapidly growing demands of nodal agencies in real time.

This solution provides DIT, GoM with increased availability, scalability and security through BSNL -- Dimension Data's Tier-III Certified and ISO27001 certified data centers. Dimension Data Cloud Services are available across the globe through Managed Cloud Platform (MCP).

The MCP will enable DIT, GoM to manage its cloud assets via a web-based interface or RESTful-based application programming interface (API) and launch cloud machines to meet demand in real time and migrate workloads between data center and the cloud.

BSNL-Dimension Data ran intensive tests with DIT, GoM team to ensure that the solution meets the desired expectations and business outcome. The solution provided by BSNL-Dimension Data has a unique blend of capabilities that addresses the evolutionary flow of workloads from virtualization in the data center/ private cloud to the public cloud environment and provides the intelligence and automation needed to meet these changing needs.

"DIT, GoM and BSNL-Dimension Data have partnered together to deliver this excellence in technology that drives innovation and optimizes costs in order to realize the full potential of cloud computing," said Rajesh Agarwal, principal secretary, DIT, GoM. "The Cloud Autoscale initiative is an excellent showcase of how we can leverage IT infrastructure and human expertise in ensuring that State of Maharashtra keeps its status as a pioneer in utilizing IT skills for better governance and as a proven leader in e-readiness ranking in India".

Kiran Bhagwanani, Dimension Data India's CEO said, "We have engaged in a similar initiative which allows DIT, GoM to extend their data center to a secure, public cloud environment in order to offer better services to the citizens of the state and meet the growing business needs of the various nodal agencies."