UXC Connect has predicted a shift in ICT outsourcing towards industrialised services.

According to a company statement, the outsourcing industry is moving towards more industrialised services as businesses seek standardised off-the-shelf offers in this area and partners that add value to the business to drive costs down, provide economies of scale and leverage investments.

UXC Connect, outsourcing and managed service, senior business consultant, Stephen McCarthy, said the industry had gone through various stages over the past two decades, from total outsourcing to selective outsourcing.

"What we are seeing now is a trend towards bigger packages that are pre-designed and preconfigured to meet the needs of organisations," he said.

"Further, organisations are looking to consume these packages in a different manner to avoid up-front costs. Organisations are looking for consumption-based outsourcing models, where they pay as they go and only pay for what they use."

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McCarthy said the shift was not just about cost, but value.

"The old outsourcing adage is still true; an organisation needs to focus on its core business and uses outsourcing to make this happen," he said.

"But what organisations are looking for from outsourcing and their outsourcing partners is changing.

"They are looking to drive economies of scale and leverage investments. While this relates to the financial aspect it is more about availability and repeatability."

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