Hyundai has officially announced the new 2015 Genesis and will be showing the new vehicle at an event during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next month. The South Korean automaker's flagship luxury sedan will be the first to use the company's next-gen version of BlueLink, a telematics platform that connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth. Details are scarce, but the announcement hints at the use of Google search to find destinations through the nav system. There's also a new Intelligent Assistant app that will surely go beyond the simple lock/unlock of current apps.

A video in Korean, released a few days ago, explains more of the advancements of the 2015 Genesis. The sedan will use blindspot-monitoring tech now common on luxury cars (and many family cars) and include a heads-up display (HUD) that shows blind-spot warnings.

A new Advanced Smart Parking Assist appears to show the car backing up automatically into a typical parking space. However, the feature may just include sensors to alert you about obstructions. That's a common feature on many Audi and BMW cars today.

More unique is the Smart Trunk. As you approach the vehicle from behind carrying an object, the car senses your key fob and pops the trunk. This is similar to the hands-free liftgate feature in some Ford models, including the 2013 C-Max Hybrid and 2013 Escape Titanium, but on those vehicles you have to kick your foot under the bumper to open or close the liftgate. While the precise details were not available, a 3-second countdown in the video suggests that the 2015 Genesis uses a sensor to detect the waiting driver and then opens the trunk.

Details matter in the luxury-car segment. With the 2015 Genesis, Hyundai appears to be taking on Infiniti and Lexus in the can-your-car-do-this contest. We'll tell you more when we see the car in a few weeks.