IT & T is among the top 3 industries with a strong intention to hire in Hong Kong, said recruitment agency Hudson recently.

According to results of a Hudson survey on 327 Hong Kong employers' hiring intention from July to September 2013, 52.6% of respondents intend to keep headcount steady, an increase of 5.8 percentages points while intentions to increase headcount are down 6.7 percentage points to 40.7%.

"Intentions to hold headcount at existing levels have hovered consistently at around 50.0% for the past two years, and while hiring intentions have eased slightly, the employment outlook is very encouraging," said Tony Pownall, general manager, Hudson Hong Kong.

Industries with the strongest intentions to hire include banking and financial services where 52.9% intend to hire more staff this quarter, followed by consumer (44.8%) and IT&T (28.2%).

"With the majority of employers holding staff numbers steady, Hudson is seeing a growing focus by organizations on talent management and retaining top performers," said Pownall. "Developing high potential employees is top of the HR agenda."