Huawei is simplifying IT with the release of a series of innovative IT solutions - including data centers, converged storage, cloud operating systems (OS) and Big Data analytics platforms.

The company has also released the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), which is the first quantitative assessment of connectivity and its value from both national and industrial perspectives.

Huawei is set to launch a Service Driven-Distributed Cloud Data Center (SD-DC²) to help enterprises build service-driven IT infrastructure.

The soon to be released FusionSphere 5.0 open cloud platform and the OceanStor converged storage system, are said to be key components of the SD-DC² architecture.

"The products and solutions that Huawei is showcasing at HCC this year are all based on our commitment to provide customers with open, converged and innovative technologies that enable them to simplify their traditional IT infrastructure, improve business agility and create greater value," said Eric Xu, Rotating CEO of Huawei.

Connectivity correlates with GDP

The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) study found that country connectivity correlates with gross domestic product (GDP).

Huawei analysed 16 indexes and concluded that for each GCI percentage point increase the GDP per capital increases 1.4-1.9 percent.

The GDP per capital increase was relatively higher for emerging countries and Germany ranks first amongst the countries surveyed.

Developing countries have also begun to invest strategically in Information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities and as many as 100 billion connections will be generated globally by 2025.

Global ICT spending will increase to about US$5 trillion by 2020

"It is our hope that the GCI will not only indicate ICT investment and development in various countries and industries but, more importantly, serve as a reference for industry policymakers and enterprise decision-makers," said William Xu, chief strategy and marketing officer, Huawei. "Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to work closely with industry partners to facilitate closer connections between people and people, people and things, things and things, creating a Better Connected World."