Named Bot-SO, this robot acts as a remote home surveillance system and communicates with users through twitter to alert them about intruders.

You are eating out with your friends but are distracted because you are concerned about the safety of your home. You could do one of two things: Dash out of there and rush home, or sit back, relax, and enjoy your dinner because you have a robot for a guard.

Yes, you read it right. Meet Bot-SO, a smart robot created by Debraj Dutta, Tapas Bose, and Avinaba Majumder of Edifixo. Bot-SO interacts with users via Twitter and can be deployed for remote home surveillance. Users send a tweet from their smartphones to the robot to survey a particular space. When it senses a stranger in your house--using motion detectors--it uploads the message on Google drive and sends a URL to the users' private chat window.

 "Robots will become a part of our lives because human beings are connected to life because of digital systems every day. Social media is the platform which brings machines and humans together and enables them to work effectively," says Dutta, director, Edifixo. The company is a subsidiary of EdifiXio SAS, Paris, and it provides services like CMS platform development and J2EE software integration, implementation, installation, support and operation to enterprises.

And one of the company's first IoT offering comes in the form of Bot-SO. Cost-effective and built on open hardware called Raspberry PI, it's a classic example of how IoT can be a social tool. Sensors and devices are built around Rasberry PI, and embedded Java platform. It's inexpensive as there is no investment in server and storage infrastructure and no reliance on third-party vendors.

"During no standard Internet connectivity, there are plans to use SIM card-based dongles to do a dial up connection," says Dutta.

Going forward, Dutta says, there are plans of making Bot-SO for enterprise surveillance as well.

An interesting indicator of the fact that technology is moving to the next level.