According to the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), talent development tops the list of priorities.

HKCS held the "Digital 21 Strategy Forum" to collect the views of industry leaders, scholars and HKCS members on the road head and came out with six major areas for the government's consideration.

The government could use this feedback for its 2014 Digital 21 Strategy, spearheaded by Commerce and Economic Development Bureau.

"HKCS concurs that talent development is key to the growth of the ICT industry," the Society said in a statement. "We strongly support the government's proposal of including programming curriculum in basic education."

According to HKCS officials, the availability of qualified teachers is a pre-requisite to the inclusion of programming curriculum in basic education. "To attract high caliber talents to join the ICT sector, the government must reposition ICT as a widely recognized and valued profession," said a HKCS spokesperson. "With the support of CEPA, the government should also develop Hong Kong as the IT hub of Asia."

HKCS also urged the government to establish the Innovation and Technology Bureau to complement the future development of ICT in Hong Kong, and strengthen the coordination and training of talents in the ICT sector.

The second priority is 'Free and Easy-to-Use Digital Identification'. The Government should examine how to streamline the use of digital certificate and enhance its safety so as to popularize its use, according to HKCS.

The other suggested areas of concern are:

Innovation and Use of Technology: The Government should increase the budget for technology research and development (R&D) to encourage innovation in technology. It urged the government to utilize the fruits of technology innovation by bringing the results of high-value R&D into the business sector for practical use.

"On cloud services for small and medium sized enterprises, the government should facilitate and strengthen education and training in cloud computing, with the view to promoting the use of cloud services among small and medium sized enterprises. It will also create business opportunities for service providers."

It also suggested the use of new technologies such as big data analytics, Internet of Things, wireless and multi-platform technologies.

Internet Connectivity and Information Accessibility: "HKCS concurs with the government's measures to extend internet connectivity and public information online to the wider public," said the group in a statement.

Closer Co-operation with the Mainland: According to HKCS, with the rapid economic development on the Mainland, Hong Kong's competitiveness and strategic importance have been gradually on the wane. The Guangzhou Province might no longer consider Hong Kong as its partner for cooperation.

Beyond the building of a "Smarter Hong Kong", HKCS proposed that the 21 Digital Strategy should place emphasis on increasing Hong Kong's competitiveness.

Green Information and Technology: HKCS officials said Green technology and environmental protection should be a highlight in the development of technology. Some proposed measures include the launch of green data center and smart traffic lights, reduction of electronic junk and promotion of paperless office.