Adopting managed cloud services has allowed Hong Kong eyewear e-commerce company SmartBuyGlasses to scale up its operations to support strong sales growth

The company turned to Rackspace to help support the increased strain being placed on its website during the 2013 Christmas sales season. Rackspace provided its Managed Cloud service to address the increased strain.

SmartBuyGlasses co-founder Tony Zhuang said the decision allowed the company to address the higher traffic and meet its business goal of doubling sales during the season.

"Once we deployed with Rackspace, we were able to scale our infrastructure rapidly to meet high customer demand while simultaneously maintaining top performance with the highest levels of uptime," he said.

One major advantage to adopting the managed cloud model is that it has allowed the company's internal team to "focus on the core business and omni-channel strategy, as opposed to IT issues," Zhuang said.

The company recently started using servers hosted in various Rackspace data centers to decrease latency for its global customers. In future, thee company plans to scale out the managed cloud deployment even further.