Rapid growth in identity crime in Australia has prompted the launch of a national support centre for victims of identity theft.

The identity theft support service, IDcare, offers a toll-free national anonymous telephone service that works with members of the community without charge to develop tailored and practical response plans to get people back on track following an event that threatens their personal information.

iDcare is a not-for-profit established as a joint national public-private sector initiative.

Based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, its case management centre is specifically tailored to deal with minor through to complex identity theft and misuse events.

Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, said iDcare was in a unique position to understand not only the experiences of victims -- but also how well prepared government agencies and businesses were to assist and support victims on the road to recovery.

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"In this way, iDcare is perfectly positioned to play a strong advocacy role in promoting best practice for responding to victims -- and raising awareness of the need to maintain strong protections over personal information," he said. iDcare managing director, Dr David Lacey, said "to have one provider, that cuts across all levels of government and industries, that works with individuals to build a tailored response to their circumstances is very unique". "We respond to clients from Cairns to Esperance, of all ages, and respond to all forms of identity theft, online and physical." he said "A measure of our success is the ability to cut down the complexity of how our clients need to respond, to share critical knowledge, and get them feeling back in control." iDcare operates its 1300 432 273 support line from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday. It does not collect personal details, nor does it charge for its service.

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