Cloud, analytics, mobile and social are the areas in which IBM is seeing growth in the IT industry.

A/NZ general manager, Jeff Rhoda, spoke about these trends at the Experience IBM Cloud 2014 event in Melbourne, and how they were taking place in all parts of the business and not just the datacentre.

"Cloud is not only an IT enabler, but also an enabler of businesses models," he said.

"It's a much lower barrier to entry into the industry than it has ever been."

Rhoda dubbed analytics a "gold mine" and referred to it as the "natural resource of the 21st century."

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"Cloud computing is the base infrastructure that will allow Big Data to scale," he said.

Mobile consumption is not only changing the way people engage with others, but also with clients.

"For many customers, it is the only way they want to communicate, namely like a consumer," he said.

Bridging enterprise with consumer

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One way IBM is capitalising with these trends is through its partnership with Apple to create enterprise-class apps.

Rhoda said IBM will be bringing security, integration and the back-end to the partnership, while Apple will bring their "brilliant" front-end found in their apps.

"We're currently working on 100 client, employee and partner-facing apps that allow for interaction like a consumer day-to-day," he said.

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