The European Commission is supporting an effort to bring coordinated IT research and development between Europe and India in areas like virtualisation and grid computing.

IT standards consortium The Open Group and India's Interactive Technology Software and Media Association (ITSMA) are partnering to identify future areas for coordination of government funded IT research.

Supported by the European Commission, the Fostering Cooperation in Computing Systems for EU and India (EU-INCOOP) project is investing over 460,000 to bring together leading researchers from India and Europe to identify priorities and develop a joint research roadmap.

The partners will focus on new or improved computer languages, advanced virtualisation technologies, new processor architectures and grid computing.

David Lounsbury, chief technical officer at The Open Group, said: "A collaborative approach will bring opportunities for new joint research initiatives between EU and India that will lead to systems developers in both regions being more productive and better able to manage expected increases in future system complexity."

"With computing technologies being an important driver behind India's fast growing economy, greater cooperation with the EU in coordinating advanced research in computing technologies is extremely important for our members," said Surbhi Sharma, secretary general of ITSMA.

"The EU-INCOOP project will provide an important opportunity to integrate the research and development priorities of India with the interests of the EU research community. This will provide a way forward to more collaborative projects that achieve greater impact and create new alliances in delivering technologies that will be needed by both regions."