ICT services and solutions vendor, Dimension Data New Zealand, has signed a contract with adventure clothing brand, Kathmandu.

As per the agreement, Dimension Data will deploy its public Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering, as well as provide on-demand, self-service, pay-for-use access and control of virtual servers, storage and networking to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu chief information officer, Grant Taylor, said the organisation is excited to be working with Dimension Data as it looks to increase its global presence.

Taylor claimed that with a new customer relationship management project in the pipeline, saving time and ensuring flexibility is crucial to Kathmandu's productivity.

"Our vision for 2013 and beyond is to make use of Dimension Data's advanced Cloud services. This means we will have the ability to start projects immediately and scale easily to meet demand," he said.

Dimension Data also announced, in a statement, that recent independent testing carried out by The Tolly Group revealed Dimension Data's public CaaS Cloud servers showed consistently high performance across CPU, memory, storage and networking measures.

The Tolly Group has been testing systems and networking infrastructure for more than 25 years and uses industry-standard testing methodologies and tools to benchmark system and networking performance.

Dimension Data Cloud business unit CEO, Steve Nola, said the company's Cloud was built to support more than just testing and development or non-critical applications.

"Our public CaaS clients use our Cloud for running production Web and software-as-a-service applications, as well as enterprise applications like SAP. The performance of a Cloud provider can have a big impact on the quantity and size of Cloud servers organisations need to run an application," he said.