As Citrix celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, it looks towards opportunities that go beyond the collaboration space.

APAC regional director, Lindsay Brown, said the company has been "quite aggressive" in recent months in terms of looking where the market is evolving.

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"What we've tried to do is build out the portfolio somewhat beyond the GoTo products," he said.

Citrix's customer base is many comprised of SMBs, which Brown said typically want to "go global and show they are big."

They are also looking for solutions that go beyond the traditional requirements for collaboration, and Citrix hopes to meed this demands with its "document Cloud."

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"Being able to secure intellectual property and share documents with others is a form of currency for a lot of businesses," Brown said.

Cloud collaboration

Citrix also offers a "workflow Cloud" in the form of Podio, which Brown said has a strong take-up by SMBs.

The product has a free trial for up to five users, and so far Citrix is registering over 6000 trials per month.

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Brown attributes the popularity of the product to it borrowing elements from Facebook and Sharepoint, so users can manage projects internally while interacting socially.

"An SMB can setup up a CRM [customer relationship management] system, client register or internal approval processes with collaboration enabled," he said.

In addition to a drag and drop interface, Podio also comes with an app store and works with mobile devices.

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