Gertrude's Children's Hospital is now deploying mobile phones for use by medical staff in treatment of patients. The deployment follows that of portable computers on medical trolleys, dubbed computers on wheels (COW). This was shared at the third CIO 100 Annual Awards and Symposium, currently ongoing in Kigali, Rwanda, by Gertrude's Hospital's head of It, Allan Tollo. 

Tollo says that before deployments, doctors would not have access to notes from other doctors while patient records were separate at each of the 10 satellite clinics for the same patient. The lack of standardisation would lead to doctors repeating tests that had been done and patients having procedures repeated when records of original procedures could not be found or accessed.

The hospitals started by having laptops on the trolleys, which were linked to a secured Cisco network. All laptops were linked to a central system, accessible to all of the ten clinics. This was later improve through having the same system on Android tablets.

Medical staff can take patient notes, access lab result tests and prescribe medicines through the system. The Kranium solution is also linked to a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which stores and displays digital copies of radiology images (such as x-rays).

Benefits of the system mean patients can be treated at any of the hospital clinics, while patient information and history is seamlessly handled from one medical staff to another.