Capita has released details of a £440m deal with the armed forces, where it will work with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force on its Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP).

The ten year deal is estimated to save the forces £300m and aims to release 1,000 military recruiters back to the front line.

The Army will continue to retain the ownership of recruitment policy, entry criteria and assessment standards, but RPP will deliver the entire process for the attraction and recruitment of soldiers and officers.

Part of this will see Capita provide an ICT platform that will underpin recruitment for all three forces - the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

For the next 12 months Capital will work in a supporting role with the existing recruitment model, but is expected to implement the new delivery model in March 2013.

It will also work with a range of partners, including advertising agency JWT and human capital management company Kenexa.

"The initiative will increase the number and improve the quality of recruits joining the Army," said Col Neil Polley, RPP Project Manager.

"The contract covers the entire recruiting and selection process for both the Regular Army and the Territorial Army, and will transform the way the Army recruits its officers and soldiers," he added.

"The contract will release over 1,000 military recruiters back to the front line, and will deliver hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits."

Computerworld UK reported last month that the Ministry of Defence had recommended Capita as the supplier for the ten-year recruitment project, where it said that RPP would "modernise army recruiting and deliver significant savings to the taxpayer".