Guests aren't the only people being taken care of at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, a boutique hotel chain based in San Francisco. Company leaders are committed to keeping employees happy too.

Kimpton IT staffers work 41 to 45 hours a week on average, and managers make sure no one has too much on his plate. The company offers a wellness program, pays for gym access and sometimes takes everyone rock climbing, says Blake Marlow, director, enterprise operations.

Employees' career development is also well supported. To help Marlow achieve his career objectives, Kimpton assigned him mentors who helped him master the technical skills he needed to advance. Within four years, he reached his goal of being a team leader.

Soft skills are also nurtured. The company's Kimpton University training program offers classes where IT employees can learn communication and conflict resolution skills.

"Being well-rounded is important because tech jobs are changing," says Donald O'Grady, regional vice president, property technology. "The skills they develop make it a more satisfying job for staff and give a competitive advantage to the company."