Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a database engine called Aurora at AWS re:Invent 2014 in Las Vegas.

In the works for three years, Amazon Web Services Redshift GM, Anurag Gupta, said the solution has been designed to be compatible with the open source MySQL format.

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"Databases have been around for a long time, and when they first got started they were pretty innovative, introducing things like SQL and transactions that we now take for granted nowadays," he said.

Gupta said databases consisted "monolithic software" running on expensive mainframe hardware, though that was how all software was written back then.

"The problem is 40 years later databases are completely ubiquitous, but they're still being built around that mainframe mindset, so they remain complicated and expensive," he said.

"So you don't build monolithic software anymore."

Manageable and affordable

AWS senior vice president, Andrew Jassy, said Aurora will stand out in the database market by offering five times the performance of a typical MySQL implementation.

"At the least, it is as available and durable as proprietary commercial database engines," he said.

Aurora will be available through AWS' relational database servers, so it will come with the management capability customers are used to.

"It is highly scalable and secure, at tenth of the cost of leading commercial database engines," Jassy said.

Patrick Budmar attended re:Invent 2014 as a guest of AWS.

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