Security vendors FireEye and Fox IT have launched a Web tool which allows victims of Cryptolocker Malware attacks to decrypt files without paying ransom to cybercriminals.

Cryptolocker is Windows-based ransomware which relies on disguise to infect systems and encrypt files, demanding a payment for the return of private data.

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The free Decrypt Cryptolocker tool requires a valid email address and encrypted file; once uploaded, the system will email the user a master decryption key and download link to a recovery program to repair all encrypted files on a system.

The master decryption key is valid for a single infected system. Users managing multiple systems must repeat the procedure.

The Australian Government has backed the tool, releasing an advisory through its Stay Smart Online cyber safety portal which intends to direct victims to the Decrypt Cryptolocker Web site.

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The Government continues to recommend the development of strong security practices within organisation, and is advising basic measures via a point by point guide.

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