Acer has continued its transformation from hardware to software and services with the release of Build Your Own Cloud.

Acer Chairman, Stan Shih, said Acer was continuing its decades-long tradition of challenging convention by completely redefining the meaning of the cloud for consumers and businesses.

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"It is therefore highly appropriate that the new, powerful and distinctive visualisation of BYOC conveys this message."

According to a company statement, BYOC allows you to create a Cloud that lives on your own device wherever you are, yet with the 'ultimate' in privacy and security.

"With BYOC your digital life is synced wirelessly and simultaneously across your entire ecosystem of devices regardless of the network connection, operating system or brand of device," the statement said.

As part of BYOC, Acer is also introducing a suite of software products to help organise personal content, such as music, photos and files.

For businesses, BYOC is enabling companies to create a Cloud-based solution with Acer's open platform.

By using BYOC, companies can build a multi-network, cross-platform, multi-device Cloud without a significant investment in time and resources.

According to a company statement, any company with an idea can build their own Cloud for all connected devices in the new PC world and the Internet of Things (IoT).

"In creating the new BYOC logo, it is important to convey the key message that this is Acer's vehicle to leap over current technology and introduce a new era of Cloud computing," the statement said.

"To this end, Acer has been inspired by the ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West, in which the character Sun WuKong travels on a cloud and uses it to cross thousands of miles in one leap."