ACC has announced Accenture as its preferred technology vendor for its three-year business transformation programme, called Shaping Our Future.

"We believe they have the expertise and range of products and services that best match our ambition to improve the customer experience and make it easier for ACC staff to do a great job for New Zealanders," says chief transformation officer Phil Riley.

"ACC is in commercial discussions with Accenture and there are months of work to do with them before any final decisions are made in the New Year. As negotiations are underway, project costs are commercially sensitive at this time."

The project is expected to be one of the larger government projects in recent times. It could mean the replacement of the Fineos claims management system, which has been operative since 2005 and ACC spent $39 million on at the time.

Accenture is well and truly back in the New Zealand ICT landscape, from which it quit in 2002. It is also on the shortlist for Inland Revenue's $1.5 million transformation project.

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Riley says Shaping Our Future is about giving customers (injured people, levy payers and treatment providers) more choice about how they interact with ACC. "For example, at branches, over the telephone or online. It's about better meeting customers' needs and expectations with timely and accurate decisions and payments, simplifying and automating processes, and improving the capability of ACC staff. It's about improving how privacy is built into processes, including information-sharing practices with third parties. Our customers have told us they want ACC to be more responsive, more transparent and easier to deal with.

"Changes with the customer in mind are already occurring. For example, the chief executive has created the new role of chief customer officer on the executive team to ensure we always have the customer's "voice" at the top table. And in the next six months we are looking in detail at our people, processes and technology. During this phase we'll get a greater level of understanding about the future state of our organisation and how it can best meets the needs of our customers."