Press two buttons, hold for 30 seconds, and squawk like a chicken. That's how clumsy and silly it feels to program most garage-door openers. When do you squawk? Which buttons? What's my name again? 

With the HomeLink system in the 2014 Audi S4 sports sedan, you don't have to make any poultry sounds. You don't have to hold down buttons. You just go to the Vehicle Settings screen and select an option to program the opener.

The S4 prompts you to get outside of the vehicle, stand by the Audi rings on the car's front grille, and press your garage-door opener button until the car's headlights flash three times. 

You jump back in and press once on the HomeLink button you want to program. At that point, your garage door opens and you can drive off to your golf outing. Note that you don't even have to be anywhere near your actual garage to do this, you just need the opener.

On-screen prompts are going to become more critical as we enter an age of connected home, connected garage doors, connected cars, and connected bodies. We'll all need more guidance. I have yet to see such a simple on-screen process. Bonus that HomeLink is included as a standard feature on the 2014 Audi S4, which starts at $48,100.