For those who want to skip the fat and cut straight to the meat of things, Ziet Online is kind of awesome. In a nutshell, Ziet Online is an open-source, anonymous digital mailbox built to empower "journalistic investigation". In other words, it's a mailbox that people can discreetly and anonymously send news tips to.

Now, what's really interesting about Ziet Online is the fact that it wasn't manufactured by a script-kiddy somewhere. The people responsible for Ziet Online are the same people responsible for Die Zeit, the most widely read weekly German newspaper there is. Granted, they're also apparently well-known for being rather highbrow and liberal--but that's Wikipedia's opinion of things so take that description with a grain of salt.

According to CARTA, there are two ways the public can make use of Ziet Online. First and foremost, you can choose to discreetly relay anything they want to Die Ziet for possible publication. There are no guarantees that the story will be published, of course, but it's still an open channel of anonymous communication. If you're not keen on tipping off a German newspaper, you can also just take off with the code and use it however and wherever you like you like. Just add a dollop of coding experience.

[Die Ziet]

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