OLED HDTVs might finally be practical: LG plans to introduce the “world’s largest” OLED HDTV that the company says can easily outpace any LCD panel while remaining affordable. The screen comes in at 55 inches and is only 5 mm thin. Unlike LCDs, OLEDs don't require a backlight (since they produce their own light), which is what allows this new TV to be so thin.

LG Display claims that its new OLED display has a response time (how quickly a pixel can change colors) that’s 1,000 times faster than LCD, and lower power consumption compared to typical LCDs.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes displays have not really taken off due to limitations of screen size and costly parts--the largest OLED HDTVs we've seen on the market so far have been about the size of a laptop's screen.

But LG says it has found a way to overcome these challenges by using Oxide TFT technology in place of the usual Low Temperature Poly Silicon used in smaller OLED panels. LG says that the lower cost alternative Oxide it has used to replace the Amorphous Silicon in the screen still produces an identical high-quality image, which could mean more affordable OLED HDTVs in the future.

We’ll know if this screen really looks as good as it sonds soon. LG will be showing off their new display at its CES 2012 booth starting on January 10.

[HDTV Magazine and TechOn!]

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