The Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular websites on the internet. With every film ever made and lists of cast and crew you’ll never not know who was in what film and when. There are biographies and pictures for just about every actor ever to star on screen, no matter how famous or fleeting their stardom.

The IMDB app for Windows 8 gives you quick access to movies and TV shows as well as direct links to celebrities and other TV and film news. The application is free to download with adverts or you can pay £2.19 to remove the adverts if you find them distracting.

Perhaps the most useful tool is the Show times section, which allows you to check your nearest cinemas - the app brings you the times for all the movies on offer. You can check every film at every cinema within a 30km radius from your current position. The IMDB app lets you pin a particular page to your start screen too, so if you like a specific actor you can keep up on all the latest gossip really quickly and easily. If you’re already a member of the IMDB community you can sign in to get all the benefits that membership brings with it.

Of course, the IMDB app is best for when you’re having arguments with friends and family as to exactly what year a particular movie was released of if Brad Pitt actually did play a bit part in the original Star Wars movie. IMDB can help you settle all these disputes and more and is perfect for the film buff who just needs to know everything about the movies. The Windows 8 app is designed specifically for the new interface and works well with touch too.

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