BT Sport is a collection of TV channels that BT airs dedicated to sports coverage in the UK. It is similar to Sky Sports, but shows different matches and sports thanks to different broadcast rights.

When it was launched in August 2013, BT Sport had three channels, which were free to watch for BT broadband customers either on their TVs via Sky (even if not a Sky subscriber), online or via the BT Sport mobile app.

Since then things have a changed, so here’s an overview of the BT Sport channels and how to get BT Sport.

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BT Sport: what channels does BT Sport have?

BT Sport has a total of seven channels that broadcast in standard definition (SD)

  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • BT Sport Europe
  • BT Spot ESPN
  • BT Sport Showcase
  • BT Sport Ultra HD
  • BT Sport Extra (streams 1-7)
  • AMC from BT

BT Sport: what sports does BT Sport show?

In the UK, BT Sport’s biggest draw is its Premier League coverage as well as its exclusive rights to the Champions League and Europa League. Sky Sports still shows more Premier League games in a season, but BT has the rights to broadcast 38 matches that won’t be on Sky.

BT also currently shares coverage of the FA Cup with the BBC.

Where in years gone by you could watch the Champions League or Europa League for free on ITV, now BT has the exclusive rights – it’s the only place in the UK where you can watch these competitions.

As well as English and European football, BT Sport shows an enormous range of sports including rugby, Moto GP, baseball and basketball. For more information, visit BT Sport’s breakdown of its sports.

BT Sport: how do I get BT Sport?

There are a number of ways to feast your eyes on BT Sport’s riches. The easiest way is probably if you are already a BT customer.

Here’s how to get BT Sport with BT.

BT Sport: EE BT Sport offer in the UK

As of 27 July 2016, BT is also running a promotional offer for new and existing EE customers. Every pay monthly customer (new and existing) on the UK's EE network will get 6 months free subscription to every BT Sport channel on their tablet or smartphone via the BT Sport app. Small business plans will also benefit from this promotion.

For the first 6 months this will be a free package, and after that will cost a still reasonable £5 per month. You can view the full details and sign up here. Or, you can sign up for the offer which also registers you for a BT ID number byt texting 'SPORT' to 150 from any EE handset. 

BT Sport: how much does BT Sport cost?

How much does it cost if I have BT Broadband?

If you are an existing BT broadband customer, your account will only let you watch BT Sport 1 at no extra cost. This is branded as BT Sport Lite.

You will have the option to upgrade to the BT Sport Pack, which gets you BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport ESPN. This will cost you £5 per month.

How much does it cost if I have BT TV?

If you are subscribed to BT TV, BT Sport is completely free.

You then have the option to add 7 BT Sport Extra channels that are free for one month and then £4 per month after that.

BT Sport: is there a BT Sport app?

Of course there is! You can watch BT Sport on the go with your subscription on smartphones and tablets.

Click here to download the BT Sport app for iOS

Click here to download the BT Sport app for Android

BT Sport: how do I get BT Sport with Sky, Virgin Media or Plusnet?

If you don’t want to sign up with BT, its channels are also available through Sky, Virgin Media and Plusnet as part of individual wholesale deals with these companies.

The add-ons can be from as little as £5 with Plusnet.

Here’s how to get BT Sport with Sky

Here’s how to get BT Sport with Virgin Media

Here’s how to get BT Sport with Plusnet

BT Sport: how do I get BT Sport?

For all the options to get BT Sport direct from BT, visit its website here.