The latest music video from this year's best mini-album (so far), Do It Again, sees Swedish singer Robyn and Norwegian electronica duo Ryksopp gracefully gliding through space.

The video for Monument sees Robyn and Royksopp's Svein Berge and Torbjrn Brundtland - plus a couple of dancers - lounging on a spinning plate. As the track plays, the plate embarks on an astronomical adventure and a fractal landscape appears as the song moves from being a simple synthpop ballad into more jazz-like experimentation - before bringing all of its elements back together for another run through a verse and chorus as the dancers finally slide into motion.

Svein and Torbjrn say that the inspiration for the video was the 70s sci-fi comics they both grew up with.

Monument was directed by Max Vitali and choreographed by Jefta Van Dinther. It was edited at Whitehouse Post and graded at MPC.

Monument is the second video from Do It Again. The music video for the title track tells the story of love in the face of revolution and oppression. It's beautifully shot, but doesn't really fit the song's simple message of sexual and/or narcotic release.