If the announcement of Google's Chomecast  streaming adapter whet your appetite for new gadgets and you have penchant for tinkering with your Android phone, then next CyanogenMod update may just give you a reason to hand over the $35.

The latest update to the CyanogenMod firmware for Android phones lets you stream media directly to Chromecast from almost any app using the default Android media player, which many Android apps rely on to play video. CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta recently showed the update in action in a recent video published to YouTube.

The update isn't available just yet: CyanogenMod's developers need to make additional tweaks to the firmware so it can support additional playback methods. Also, its developers say the update won't be released until after Google finalizes the Chromecast SDK. Once it's out, it's bound to grant you a more open streaming adapter.

[YouTube via Redmond Pie]

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