Tiscali has rolled out its internet TV service and is now offering on-demand programming to 5 million homes.

The company signalled its intention to take on the likes of BT, which is heavily marketing its BT Vision service, and traditional broadcasters last year when it acquired Home Choice, the video-on-demand service largely restricted to London.

However, as well as offering TV to the areas previous covered by Home Choice – London and Hertfordshire - Tiscali TV is also available in Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Liverpool, Salford and Warrington.

50 digital TV channels – including Sky One, Sky News and Sky Sport News – are available via Tiscali TV, with bundled packages including 2Mb broadband costing from £19.99. Tiscali plans to make the service available to 10 million homes by Christmas.