Back in 2012, our James Mulroy showed how you could make a pi-shaped pie for your Pi Day festivities. Making the pie may have been the easy part; making the pi-shaped baking pan required manually cutting and reshaping foil loaf pans is tedious stuff. Kickstarter user Pinojo wants to save you some time with his Pi Pans.

The Pi Pan, as you probably guessed, is a pi-shaped pie pan. Yes. It's the product of three years' worth of design and prototyping work, and you could soon own one for yourself. Pinojo has already met his $2000 pledge goal on Kickstarter, but with 27 days to go and plenty of perks left, you can still get behind this project. Pledging at the $15 level gets you one of the first Pi Pans when they ship this December, ensuring that you'll have the best Pi Day celebration around come 2014.

As for Tau Day celebrants, well, they're out of luck. Sorry, guys.


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