Student@Home IT support

A new scheme called [email protected] will see IT students provide technical support for those with computer problems.

For a monthly fee of £2, customers of [email protected] can book an appointment seven days a week and a student will normally be available within 24 hours. They can provide IT support for all kinds of issues such as Wi-Fi setup and system recovery on a range of devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

"Our support team is fully staffed by IT students from your local area. They’re ideally suited to help you sort out your IT problems because they work with computers every day and they know all about the latest IT developments" said the firm.

Not only does the service provide affordable IT support for customers, it offers students a way to earn money and gain valuable experience. The Chiswick-based company already employs 60 students from universities across London.

Students who want to provide support must undergo a 5 hour induction, provide at least two references, undergo a CRB check, provides proof of identity and be fully insured. An hour-long appointment costs £30 which the firm says is less than half the price of most IT support services. Additional 30 minute periods cost £15.

One-to-one or group tuition is available. [email protected] launches this month in London with the aim to expand it further soon.

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