Sony Bravia Smart Stick

Sony is preparing to launch a rival to Google's Chromecast called the Bravia Smart Stick.

Google's Chromecast is a cheap HDMI dongle enabling you to stream content wirelessly to your TV. Sony has a rival up its sleeve in the form of the Bravia Smart Stick which will be announced this week, according to Variety. See also: Google Chromecast review.

The Bravia Smart Stick will provide more functionality than the Chromecast but at a significantly higher price point - $150 compared to just $35. Variety said it will offer access to Amazon Video, Walmart's Vudu, Redbox Instant by Verizon, AOL On, Crackle and Video Unlimited. The last two are owned by Sony and the list is in addition to YouTube and Netflix.

However, it's unlikely that a UK version of the Bravia Smart Stick will include access to all of these services with many of them being US-based.

Another area which the Bravia Smart Stick has one up on the Chromecast is an on-screen content guide and its own remote control.

The Bravia Smart Stick will be based on Google TV operating system. Sony has apparently struggled to sell its expensive Google TV set-top box which cost £200 when it arrived last year.