Sky Store devices

Sky has made its Sky Store movie rental service available to everyone in the UK.

Anyone with a broadband connection and a computer can now rent films from the Sky Store with prices starting at 99p. The service is also available on Sky's Now TV Box, Roku players and YouView boxes.

Nicola Bamford, Director of Sky Store, commented: "Millions of Sky TV customers already enjoy the choice and value of Sky Store.  Now we're delighted that millions more homes can access hundreds of box office smashes alongside best-loved movie classics.  All you need is an internet connection and away you go."

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The Sky Store has more than 1,200 titles to choose from with classics starting at 99p. New releases including The Hangover Part 3, Despicable Me 2 and The Great Gatsby cost a typical £3.49. The store will feature films as they are released on DVD ahead of rivals like Netflix and LoveFilm.

When Sky first launch Now TV, the service included pay per view rentals but it wasn't long before that option was removed in favour of the monthly subscription.

Consumers now have more choice than ever when it comes to streaming films and TV content to their TVs, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The Sky Store will have to compete with Blinkbox, Netflix, LoveFilm Instant, Wuaki.tvGoogle Play Movies & TV and iTunes – to name just a few.

Sky said that movie rentals through Sky Store on Sky+ boxes have more than doubled year on year, with 2.1 million rentals in the 3 months ending 30 September.

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